A great area for Cycling


The Paralimni area is great for cyclists. The town itself has either dedicated cycle paths or cycle lanes along much of the roads (apart from the Old Town centre, which has about enough road space for a confusing one way system!)

The nearby centres of Protaras and Ayia Napa are also very cycle friendly.

You can cycle along much of the coastal path, and where that is too rocky there are road routes around them.

There are several cycle hire places in Paralimni, and in towns along the coast road. Ayia Napa has several good places for cycle hire. Cycle helmets are always available.

One word of warning though.. There is a local bush with vicious thorns, which it drops around it. Also, Cyprus road builders are very poor at completing works, so many footpaths and side roads are unfinished, with stoney patches. So getting the occassional puncture is a risk, so if you aim to cycle a lot do take a spare inner tube or puncture repair kit and a pump.

Cycle hire places will usually provide a repair kit, or come out and rescue you if you get stuck.

Do use a bike with knobbly, thick tyres to minimise the risk of a flat